Services Local Government Support Services REG takes pride in its extensive experience assisting local governments with the implementation of their environmental programs and land development projects. Our Work

Inspection Services

REG staff have been instrumental in assisting Spotsylvania County with the implementation of their ESC and SWM programs for the last seven years. Our DEQ certified inspectors have performed thousands of inspections, both residential and commercial, on hundreds of projects across the County, including the 6,000 acre AES solar energy facility. REG can also assist with inspections of permanent BMP facilities for state required maintenance. In addition, our licensed drone pilots can perform inspections on large scale and linear projects.

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Plan Review Services

REG has DEQ certified ESC and SWM Plan Reviewers able to assist with plan reviews, including as-builts and certifications, in support of local program requirements.

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Linear Projects

REG staff have experience performing a wide range of services on linear utility projects in support of localities. Services include wetland delineations and permitting, VSMP permitting and SWPPP preparation, SWPPP inspections, and wetland permit monitoring and reporting.

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Solar Services

REG’s certified ESC and SWM inspectors are providing critical support to Spotsylvania County while the AES solar energy facility is under construction in the western portion of the county. REG staff perform weekly inspections using drone technology and onsite observations to provide the required ESC and VSMP inspections on behalf of Spotsylvania County. Our firm is currently inspecting over 2,000 acres for ESC and VSMP compliance. In addition to inspecting the AES facility, which is the largest solar facility on the east coast, REG also performed ESC plan reviews on all of the site plans for the 6,000 acre facility. In addition to working with Spotsylvania County, REG is on a team that will be assisting Culpeper County with ESC inspections on a solar facility that will begin construction in 2022.

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Our certified professionals serve the greater Rappahannock River Watershed and beyond. Virginia localities include the City of Fredericksburg,  Spotsylvania County, Stafford County, Orange County, Culpeper County, King George County, Fauquier County, Madison County, Westmoreland County, Caroline County and Louisa County.

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